Track de “Witte Ruijsheuvel”

Circuit de Witte Ruijsheuvel

In 2021, track de “Witte Ruijsheuvel” was thoroughly overhauled. The new layout meets all the requirements for organizing an MX Grand Prix. The new track is ready for the future.

Accessibility & parking

The motocross track of Motorclub Oss is located outside the city centre of Oss, close to the Vorstengrafdonk industrial estate. In the close area of the track, follow the signs for the event.

Our employees will direct you to a designated parking space.

Address: Aengelbertlaan 60, 5342 LA Oss


During the event, a special area is served where visitors can spend the night.

Best Western Hotel de Naaldhof Oss
Docfalaan 22
5342 LD Oss, Nederland
Hotel on walking distance.

Fletcher Hotel Oss
Nelson Mandelaboulevard 22
5342 CZ Oss
Hotel on short distance.

Hotel de Weverij
Oostwal 175
5341 KM Oss
Hotel on short distance.

Van der Valk Hotel Nuland / ´s-Hertogenbosch
Rijksweg 25
5391 LH Nuland
Hotel 15 minutes by car.

Van der Valk Hotel Uden / Veghel
Rondweg 2
5406 NK Uden
Hotel 15 minutes by car.